ForumOnAstrology presents
An Internet Conference
Three Days of Live Video Broadcasts
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
October 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2010
How It Works

General Conference Information

Our video conference takes place over three days with each day having four sessions, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. There is a 90-minute lunch break between the morning and afternoon program with 30-minute breaks between sessions held in the morning and afternoon.

Within each session, there are three "rooms", and to attend a particular lecture, you must click the "attend" link of the speaker whose broadcast you want to attend.

Each 75-minute broadcast is divided into 60-minutes of lecture followed by a 15-minute Question and Answer (Q&A) period. Along with the lecturer, each room has in attendance a support person who is responsible for receiving your questions sent via an instant message facility.

The support person in turn will compose a general set of questions based on received messages from participants. These are forwarded to the lecturer for response during the Q&A portion of the broadcast.

What must I do prior to attending the live broadcasts?

We support PC, MAC, and UNIX platforms but you must test your computer to insure that your computer is capable of receiving the broadcasts. Most computers less than three years old are, but I strongly suggest that you do the following to confirm this as soon as possible.

While you can use a dialup connection to attend the Internet conference, it is strongly recommended that you have access to a high-speed connection such as broadand, DSL, or ISDN. With a dialup connection, you will receive the audio portion of a lecture, but instead of a live video feed there will be a still picture of the lecturer.

When you click the "Technical Check" icon below, depending on software already installed on your computer, you will be taken through our service provider's one or two step process to attend a 5 minute demo.

When you click on the "Step-1 link", the system will have you download and install a current version of Java if not already on your system. The "Step-2" link will install our service provider's software that allows your computer to interact with the broadcast server. The installation may take up to several minutes to complete depending on the speed of your computer.

At this point, a 5-minute video will start and explain broadly the main features of the conference user interface. Once completed, you will be prepared to receive the conference broadcasts.

The above is a simple straight forward procedure, but should you have any problem, technical support is available as follows:

    • North America, Toll Free: +1 (866) 388-8674
    • UK, Toll Free: 0808-101-1432
    • Australia, Toll Free: 1 (800) 26-7338
    • International, Non Toll Free: +1 (606) 274-2686

You will find the support personnel at our service provider, Elluminate, to be very patient and helpful.

When they inquire about your affiliation, tell them that you are participating in ForumOnAstrology's Conference being being held on October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2010.

How do I register?

It's simple. When you click the "Register" link, the process begins by having you create your own unique User ID and Password and ends by informing you that an email has been sent confirming your successful registration.

You are not required to choose at the time of registration which lectures you want to attend. You are free to make your selections at the time of the actual broadcast.

How to attend a broadcast and what to expect on conference day

1. Click on the "Attend Broadcasts" link. You will be directed to login if you have not already done so. You will then be brought to the sessions page where you can click the "attend" link for the lecturer's broadcast you want to attend. These "attend' links will be made available from one-half hour prior to the broadcast's start until the end of the broadcast.

Once you choose a particular broadcast session, you are committed to that session. You may leave the room anytime before the broadcast ends. And you can jump in again, but you are not permitted to jump out of a chosen lecture and then decide you want to attend another lecture in the same time period.

2. When in a room, you hear the lecturer and see a live video image of the person. You will also notice several other items on your screen including the lecturer's Powerpoint presentation on the right two-thirds of your screen, a list of attendees on the upper left portion of the screen, and on the lower left, the instant message area for communicating with the lecturer's support person.

Along the top edge of your screen are various icons that can be used by participants to respond to questions posed by the lecturer. The most commonly used are the "Yes or No" icons for response by the group as a whole.

What do I do when the lecture ends?

You simply exit the broadcast by clicking on the    on the upper right edge of your screen just as when you would exit any Internet session. You are then returned to the sessions page to await the next broadcast after a session or lunch break.

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