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October 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2010
Robert Zoller
An Astrologer working in the Medieval genre, Robert Zoller is a Medievalist, Esotericist, Occultist and a Translator from Latin, German, Old Norse Old English, and Hebrew. After an informal two year survey of the astrological literature available in the late 1960's in New York City, he began regular attendance at Mr Zoltan Mason's weekly public lectures.

Robert studied Zoltan Mason's blend of predictive, medical-psychological and Rosicrucian astrology from 1970 to 1974. During this time, ZM introduced his students to the astrology of J.B. Morin's Astrologia Gallica (1661). Recognizing the real astrology in this work and in The 146 Considerations of Guido Bonatti (c.1289) and realizing tht he had learned all he could from ZM, Zoller enrolled in the Summer Latin Institute (SLI) at SUNY Graduate Center, West 42nd Street, NYC). This was an intensive course designed for PhD candidates. The return to academia was intended to give Robert the scholarly skills needed to access primary sources in Astrology.

In September, 1974 following successful acquisition of Latin, Robert enrolled in CCNY's Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. This department was directed by Dr Madelaine Cosman. As part of her excellent, wise and selfless instruction, Zoller's intellectual life and understanding was further cultivated by Professor Dr Richard Lemay, the world authority on Latin Aristotelianism, Abu Mashar and Medieval Astrology; and by WHT Jackson who taught him Paleography.

In 1980 Zoller published his first book, Lost Key to Prediction, Inner Traditions International. Although this work remains a standard on the subject, Robert could not find a publisher for his subsequent books for a decade. It took 10 years to educate the astrological public regarding its own history and to demonstrate the relevance today of medieval astrological methods. Robert has written over 100 books, lectures, and articles on medieval astrology and continues to edit and improve on his astrological courses.

Robert Zoller was the only astrologer to predict the tragedy of 9-11 naming the perpetrator, the location of Ground Zero and the role of Radical Militant Islam in the attack two years in advance.


  • Basics of accurate and reliable prediction

    Points made:
    1. It is wise to frequently review the basic principles of any art or science as this enables the practitioner to keep said principles in mind and easily accessible, thus facilitating their appropriate and timely application.
    2. This is especially true in Judicial Astrology where the human brain is challenged to analyze large quanta of relevant information all of which must lead to a correct conclusion
    3. In Ancient (Greek) Astrology and certainly in Arabic Astrology the principles of Astrology and astrological delineation are often found embedded in the rules of judgment.
    4. Delineation must precede Prediction.
    5. By delineation is meant identification of the chart's promise-only this shows us what is predictable.
    6. The basis of delineation in any chart is fourfold: esse planetarum, substantia signorum, determination domum, testimonia non-planetarum (eg. We consider Arabic Parts, Fixed Stars and other relevant astrologicals. See 7, below.)
    7. The basic protocols for delineation are: Planet's nature, Planet in Sign, Planet in Sign in House like Russian Dolls - one inside the other.
    8. The Planet qua planet is a universal. As such it is incomprehensible to us but we can apprehend that it is more than capable of establishing its nature in this or that region of the zodiac and house. At this stage the planet may signify something congruent with its nature. However, the said planetary nature is so universal as to be truly general; actively influencing all things/forms equally and thoroughly.
    9. In order for the astrologer to reduce the universal power represented by the Planet's notum (aka glyph/symbol) the said planetary power, being one, must enter into the universal polarity. This can in nowise be effected otherwise than by it being introduced into a context where the said polarization is enforced upon it. This context is the Zodiac with its alternating masculine and feminine signs.
    10. Finally the Houses provide a concrete context in which the above Planetary and Zodiacal influences manifest. The astrologer desires to see congruency between the predicted reality and the actual manifested event.
    11. All this will be exemplified by reference to a natal chart.